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Metal Presses

  • Hydraulic pressses up to 10.000 tones pressing force for automotivr , white metal , kitchenware aero , ship building  ,, defense industiry etc for forming  , drawing  , cutting functions.
  • The presses shall work with robots , automatic mould loading systems , transfer systems , lubricating systems , cut  to lenght lines.
  • Sensitive moulds for automotive industries are under process controll of paralelıty system between table plate and ram
  • Press frames are manufactured close welded and heat treated
  • Hydraulic cylinders and pistons are manufactured from forged steel , inducted and chrome covered.
  • Gascett are of internatonal norm dimensions an quality
  • Prismatical slides guided from 4-8 surfaces. Column type presses are bronse guided.
  • In general used Bosch Rexroth , the hydraulic eqipments , valves and variable pumps are appropriate to high speeds and pressure parameters and ready for hıgh presicion.
  • All pesses includes seperate cooling and filtering units
  • Electrical cabinet have IP 55 norm andclimated also equipied mostly Siemens Simatic S7 PLC.
  • CE norm safety cell barries , plarform and ladder , safety PLC unit , double hand commanding system are equipied.

Hidromode Hydraulic Press

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